Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Why I like the blogosphere

Lot of my friends ask me why I spend so much time checking out the blogosphere, so here is why........
To me the blogosphere is like a window through which I can reach out to people with whom I possibly cannot make a connection in the physical world. Note, I do not use the term 'real world' since the things on the Internet are also real, they are just not tangible.

Barring a few exceptions, a typical life style ends up as a routine set of interactions with a fixed set of people. There are solutions to this situation, like traveling, changing jobs, taking up new hobby etc but try doing this when you have a 9-5 job and a family and a house mortgage and a ........ so on!! Thus the blogosphere (and Internet) allows me to transcend the restrictions and for a brief moment share other people's experiences - people from different parts of the world, people from different backgrounds, people doing some amazing things, or people just having just plain and simple fun. Where else can a person like me (9-5 job, family, house mortgage etc) get in touch with a physics professor with a flair for classical music, a writer/reporter who doesn't flinch while tackling a sensitive issue, an accountant who is an aspiring writer (a really good writer), a smart guy who blogs to discover himself, an awesome photographer who leads a challenging life while facing similar trials and tribulations as me (and probably millions like me), an aspiring belly dancer from a family background that will surprise you, a cool dude who made a life for himself out of Excel, an army dude who wanted to spend his life in the army but lost an arm in a road accident (soon after deployment!) and then went on to do MBA in a premier institute................ I can go on for few more paragraphs but you get the point. I can socialize all I want in the physical world but can never dream of coming in contact with such a diverse set of people and their experiences. Being in the blogosphere is like being in a bar where anyone can walk in at any time.

All these interactions enrich my thoughts, gives me a perspective in life, prevents me from achieving an equilibrium with my immediate surrounding. And the best part, this blog-hopping or blog-surfing hobby has infinite potential because the above list is a mere scratch on the surface. Did I tell you about the nurse/social worker in a remote tribal region, the school teacher who wants to make a difference in a small town, a tech guy who ends up becoming an entrepreneur ............ blogs and blogs to read before I sleep.

And what can I give in return - just open a window into my life

Happy Blogging

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