Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am Back - after - Vanishing from the Social Radar

Never thought I would say this but "here I am", exactly 18 months after my previous post. I apologize to all those who follow my blog; I feel very very dumb :-(
So what happened........... I got married :-D Now now let me be fair, this gap was not all because of marriage, I am also to be blamed for the huge gap.

Now that we have put it behind us, hopefully, let's move on. This post was supposed to be my next blog topic sometime in early 2008; "Vanishing from the Social Radar".

What is "Vanishing from the Social Radar"?! It happens to a person who otherwise is pretty normal when it comes to socializing and then for some weird reason he/she decides to get married. So the person gingerly goes off to get married, then you hear about the wedding and may be see the pics, thanks to Orkut and its tribe. Then the person along with the brand new spouse is sent off on a Honeymoon (sometimes not) and then ........ "it" happens; hey not that thing, this is still a G rated blog, you pervert!

The sequence of events that follow are somewhat like this ............ you never hear about the couple's return from their Honeymoon, the pictures do not get posted in time, any queries are met with a coy reply like 'oh, there were too many pics', or 'ohhhhh we have to sensor them' (I hate this reply; as if you have done something different from the rest of us!). Then they miss out on casual gatherings but do manage to show up on formal ones. Earlier phone calls were made at the drop of a hat and now it is reserved for birthdays and anniversaries. Soon your calls (for attention) are met with the same reply, 'no time at all yaar, don't know how the days are flying', and then it dawns on you that you are actually talking to an answering machine and not your good old pal?!?!? And that my friends is the typical "Vanishing from the Social Radar" act.

But lets be fair to them, especially since I am also guilty of it - 'newly weds' do undergo many new and wild experiences, things that you thought were straight forward will start acting super weird. You may argue that we all have faced new and wild situations, so what! However, trust me, the marriage is a whole different game; the number of variables increase dramatically and to add to it, the variables start interacting as if they were on crack! Worst thing, only others can see this effect while you, the person involved, cannot. And for the deniers, I would say, 'ignorance is always a bliss'.

However it is not all gloom and doom, there is some good news. After everything is said and done, THEY do come back and lets call it, The Return of the Newly Weds!!