Friday, July 01, 2011

Google Trends - I (Turkey time or should I say 'times')

For those who are not aware of Google Trends (GT) please take a look at this and if reading a few paragraphs is too much for you then here is a one liner - GT gives you an estimate of how often a term is searched when compared to the total search volume in the form of a trend (or a graph).

It allows you to mine this information in specific geographical areas, languages, time frame etc. Such trends reveal interesting correlations such as this one ............ trend the search count for the term "turkey" in US (see plot below) ............ Why do people in US search for "turkey" a full four weeks after Thanksgiving? Any ideas :-)

Or you could ask, why do they search for "turkey" a week before Christmas?!? PS: The peak on Nov 21 is related to Thanksgiving preparation or curiosity (4 days before the event)

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