Thursday, August 31, 2006

TAG TAG TAG - The 'Dream Gadget'

Okay I am also into this tag game through blog thanks to Anuradha. And henceforth I will have explicit heading for such things, to differentiate from my regular posts.

This dream gadget has been my childhood dream and I am sure many people will hate me for this ..................

[1] "Power inlet enabled body" so that one can plug ourselves to the power outlet and get the required energy, no need to cook nor waste time in eating food !!!!!! But there should be an option where we can eat sweets and ice cream through the God made way, haaaaaaaa ha ha ha.

Ok ok if this is too much to ask then how about this .......

[2] "Automated cooking and washing" so that stuff like vegetables can cut themselves and jump into the cooker and cook themselves. And after eating, the dishes can roll or fly to the sink and wash and dry themselves and park themselves in the shelves, neatly !!!!