Thursday, November 25, 2010

Once Upon a Time ...... [I] - Food

(Read the prologue here)
There was time in 1980s in rural south India when each family grew their own food. I am talking about all the stuff. Rice was grown in your own field, pulses or beans typically came from your relative's field in another village, fruits were a delicacy except the ones that could grow in your backyard. You guessed it right, most people farmers.

There was only one store in the entire village and the only things you bought there were candy, 'fancy bindi', thread, carbonated water (soda), and other local products (mostly perishables).

Now I cannot imagine life without a grocery store!!! I not only demand the type of food I want but when I want it irrespective of the time of the year. Even better, I can get the food delivered to my house to spare me the inconvenience of going to the store. And when one of our friend tried growing food in their yard this is what came out................................. and how many people can be fed with this cob?!?!?

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