Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To, The Broken Heart (a.k.a. Are you a Computer or a Car?)

Love is one of the best feelings that you can experience but it is ironic that something that can give you endless pleasure can also turn your life into a hell hole.

I have been in love, and just like everyone else, sometimes it was accepted and other times rejected . When things clicked even inanimate objects seemed to smile and on rejection a genuine smile seemed like a mockery. When the latter happens your heart will take over your mind and you will wonder whether it was your greatest loss. Sometimes it is true but most times it is not. When in doubt ask yourself, are you being a computer or a car?

WHAT?!?! ....... read on ........... both a computer and a car are extremely useful, actually a computer can do more stuff for you than a car but have you noticed how differently they are treated? Initially both get the same attention and respect, like you would take pride to mention it to your friends. But things change overtime, slowly but surely the computer is looked down upon as an archaic piece of equipment, it gets to hear comments like "oh it is so slow", "it gets so hot", "it is so heavy", pretty soon you are probably just waiting for the next good deal to buy a new computer.

On the other hand a car gets a personal touch, gets cleaned - at least from the outside, undergoes maintenance and gets complimented for doing its job. People are more forgiving when it breaks down or when it does not perform like it used to. More importantly there is touch of nostalgia when it comes to a car.

The poor computer takes care of more tasks, gets zero maintenance and on top of it gets berated and thrown out at the first opportunity. Long story short, no one, NO ONE bids adieu to an old computer.

So make sure you are a "car" for your sweetheart and not a "computer". Anytime you feel like the poor computer, just move, it is not worth your while.

**** This post was supposed to have been posted many ago :-) Currently I am in a state of 'better late than never' ****

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