Thursday, September 17, 2009

How much truth can you take?

As a kid I once asked my mom, "Won't it be great if the shops sold a machine that would let you read another person's thoughts!?", she thought for couple of seconds and replied, "I will simply refuse such an offer". 'Woalla' I thought, I had proved for the n'th time that parents are pretty lame, ha ha ha. As Stewie the Great has said 'Victory is mine'. Who in their right mind would refuse such a wonderful machine and off I went to do my victory dance, out of my mom's gaze, of course.

And then the psychedelic whirlpool spins on the screen fast forwarding my life by 20 years; now I am married and if I were to be presented with such a machine, I would have double thoughts!!
"Way to go, what a U-turn" clap clap clap - says my alter ego while doing its victory dance!

What would you do? Do you really want to know EVERYTHING that other people think? Let me rephrase the question, do you want YOUR thoughts to be read by your partner/stranger?? ahha now it rings a bell. Put yourself in the following situations;

1] You are a guy in the 'available' phase and you come across a group of girls, what would be your thought process?

2] Your spouse had made something that he/she is usually good at but today is an exception and he/she has been having one of those 'blue' days. And the inevitable question pops up, "Honey, what do you think of it?"

3] You are asked, in person, for a 'honest' feedback by your colleague or worse, your manager.

4] Your son/daughter is going out on the 'numero uno' date.

so on and so forth........ to be succinct I would say, "watch the movie What Women Want" and apply it to men also and then on you.

The ultimate question is how much truth can you take? Would you rather see the raw thoughts or the final product after the raw thoughts have been 'cooked' by experience and seasoned by language?

Moral of the story;
For kids - do not underestimate your parents. They too were young and smart like you, then grew up to become 'lame'.
For (most) grown up people - if you ever get such a (currently-2009) hypothetical machine then - as unfathomable as it sounds - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT turn it on yourself. It might surprise you :)

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At 10:07 AM, Blogger Swee said...

Eeeeewww yes! The idea seems amazing at first ...but then (probably as we grow up into vicious adults ;) ) we realise we would do better without it even if it were invented! :)


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